EA Sports - Themed High-Traffic Sale Pages

By implementing custom-developed web components, we empowered EA's marketing and merchandising teams with the capability to swiftly update and manage high-traffic themed sale pages across all game titles, including Star Wars, The Sims, Apex, and Battlefield. This enhancement not only sustained peak traffic loads across various franchises but also facilitated a more agile promotional strategy. Our solution was distinguished for its seamless integration and reliable performance, ensuring that sales events for every title were opportunities fully leveraged.

The Challenge

In the competitive landscape of online retail, businesses face the daunting task of not only attracting customers during high-traffic sales events but also providing a seamless and responsive user experience. For industry leaders, the ability to quickly adapt and update digital storefronts is crucial to capitalizing on these peak opportunities.

EA Sports required a solution that would allow their marketing and merchandising teams to effectively manage themed sale pages during such pivotal events. The goal was to enhance the user experience while handling significant traffic increases, without disrupting the ongoing digital engagement with their audience.


Primary Goal

To equip EA Sports with the capability to manage high-traffic sale events efficiently, ensuring robust performance and an optimal user experience.

Secondary Goals

Our secondary goals, outlined in the checklist below, further detail our comprehensive approach.

Strategic Approach

User-Centric Design

Focused on creating an intuitive user interface that allows the marketing team to update content across all EA titles.

Scalable Architecture

Developed a backend system designed to scale seamlessly in response to traffic demands, ensuring reliability during peak times for all games.

Agile Project Management

Adopted an agile methodology, allowing for iterative development, quick pivots, and continuous improvement across the project.

Integration Expertise

Ensured that new components would integrate flawlessly with existing systems like Contentful and Adobe Experience Manager to maintain workflow continuity for all EA games.

Technology Stack

In delivering a solution tailored to EA Sports' high-traffic sales events, we harnessed sophisticated, leading technologies designed for high performance and adaptability. Our approach combined advanced content management systems with web development frameworks, ensuring that the marketing team could respond to market demands in real-time.

The Solution

Themed Component Flexibility

Developed versatile web components for EA, facilitating the dynamic creation of themed sale pages for a variety of titles such as Star Wars, The Sims, Apex, and Battlefield, adaptable for events like Black Friday or holiday sales.

Streamlined Content Workflow

Integrated a content management system that allowed the marketing team to swiftly update and manage sales promotions across all games, directly impacting their ability to engage with players during crucial sales periods.

Enhanced Load Resilience

Optimized the sale pages for high traffic across all EA game titles, ensuring consistent speed and reliability during the busiest times.

Unified System Integration

Seamlessly connected the custom web components with EA's established platforms, ensuring a cohesive user experience and streamlined back-end management for their entire gaming portfolio.

Measurable Outcomes

Traffic Capacity

The sale pages successfully withstood seasonal traffic spikes, supporting a substantial increase in user visits without any performance degradation.

Content Update Efficiency

The marketing team's ability to update sales content in real-time was enhanced, leading to a more agile response to market trends.

Deployment Speed

The time to launch new themed sales events was significantly reduced, allowing for rapid market engagement.

Integration Seamlessness

The integration of custom components with existing systems was executed without disrupting current operations, as evidenced by a smooth transition and minimal downtime.

Feedback from Professionals

The project's core objective—to equip EA Sports with the capability to efficiently manage high-traffic sale events—was successfully achieved, ensuring robust performance and an optimal user experience. Notably, even during periods of peak traffic, the loading times remained low, reflecting the technical efficacy of the solutions implemented.

Solutions for Your Business

Every business faces unique challenges, particularly when it comes to engaging customers in a digital space that's constantly evolving. Recognizing this, we specialize in crafting tailored solutions that address the specific needs and objectives of your business. Our approach begins with a deep dive into your company's workflow, market position, and customer interaction points. From there, we develop a strategy that leverages the latest technology to enhance your digital presence, streamline operations, and boost customer engagement.

Whether you're looking to optimize high-traffic sales events, like we did with EA Sports, or seeking a novel way to connect with your audience, our team is equipped to deliver solutions that are as unique as your brand. We don't just build systems; we create digital experiences that resonate with your customers and give you a competitive edge in the marketplace.

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