EA Sports - World Cup 2022 Predictor

We turned imagination into digital reality, while working with EA sports for the 2022 World Cup Predictor. This project wasn't just about predictions—it was about engineering a seamless fusion between the fervent world of football fans and the intricate dynamics of gaming. A platform that dazzled with its innovative blend of predictive analytics, immersive gameplay, and rewards so enticing, they'd make any gamer and football fan cheer in unison.

The Challenge

In the digital age, businesses strive to captivate and retain audiences. The key? Designing experiences that resonate with loyal customers while attracting new ones. Projects linked to global events amplify brand presence, boost engagement, and drive growth. However, realizing such ventures demands innovation, foresight, and a keen grasp of the digital terrain. Failing to hit the right notes can turn golden opportunities into fleeting moments, lost in the digital abyss.

The forthcoming of the world cup in 2022, an event of global resonance, presented its unique set of challenges. As the world prepared to tune in, EA Sports envisioned an interactive digital platform to augment the fan experience, providing them with an immersive blend of gameplay, prediction and rewards.


Primary Goal

To establish a digital interface that amplifies the user journey, intertwining interactive predictions, dynamic gameplay, and enticing rewards.

Secondary Goal

Our secondary goals, outlined in the checklist below, further detail our comprehensive approach.

Strategic Approach

Requirement Gathering & Analysis

Collaborated with EA Sports to understand the specific needs and expectations for the predictor tool.

Full-Stack Development

Leveraged our expertise to build a robust and scalable predictor component.

User Experience & Integration

Ensured an intuitive user interface that resonates with the theme of the world cup and seamlessly integrates with EA's existing platforms.

Feedback & Refinement

Continuously gathered user feedback to refine and enhance the predictor experience.

Technology Stack

Leveraging leading-edge full-stack development expertise, our team employed a comprehensive suite of tools and frameworks to deliver a robust, scalable, and seamless digital experience. Our approach ensured both front-end interactivity and back-end stability, catering to the diverse needs of the predictor platform.

The Solution

Interactive Prediction Platform

Designed an intuitive digital interface allowing users to make tournament outcome predictions, directly aligning with the spirit and anticipation of the World Cup.

Engagement and Outreach

Developed a predictor component to not only engage existing EA Sports players but also to attract casual football fans, introducing them to the broader EA.com ecosystem.

Tournament Simulation

Utilized advanced simulation mechanisms to predict the outcomes of all 64 matches, providing users with insights and potential scenarios for the World Cup's progression.

Exclusive Rewards

Incorporated a reward system where users have the opportunity to earn Limited Time World Cup Player Items, adding value and incentive to their interactions.

Measurable Outcomes

Global Engagement

The predictor witnessed participation from a diverse set of users spanning various countries, showcasing its worldwide appeal.

Boosted Engagement Metrics

The World Cup campaign notably elevated engagement metrics, with logged-in users engaging in significantly longer sessions than usual.

Enhanced User Activity

Post-launch, there was a noticeable surge in daily user activity, highlighting the predictor's immediate appeal and impact.

Extended Session Durations

Users engaging with the predictor spent considerably more time on the platform compared to their non-predictor counterparts, indicating the feature's success in capturing and sustaining user attention.

Feedback from Professionals

The 2022 World Cup Predictor was overwhelmingly embraced by both the gaming community and football enthusiasts worldwide. Its innovative blend of gameplay and predictive interactions resonated deeply, offering a fresh and engaging way to experience the World Cup. The evident surge in user activity and extended session durations post-launch bore testament to its success. The feedback was a testament to its design and functionality, with users lauding its ability to amplify the World Cup's excitement and bring fans closer to the action.

Solutions for Your Business

In today's digital-first landscape, curating unique and engaging user experiences is pivotal for brand success. Our expertise in creating platforms that seamlessly blend real-world events with digital interactions can transform passive users into active, loyal participants. By designing an environment where gameplay and predictive elements coexist, we elevate user engagement, fostering a deeper connection between your brand and its audience. This strategic approach not only amplifies user retention but also positions your business at the forefront of digital innovation. As market dynamics and user behaviors evolve, our solutions are primed to adapt, ensuring sustained relevance.

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